Commonly Asked Questions on our Publishing Business

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Questions every author has before partnering with the MYeBook Self-Publishing Team.

Why rebrand from to

Are your self-publishing services free?

How do I know that I can trust you?

Will you accept my manuscript? (a.k.a. Is my writing good enough?)

Your office location & operating hours?

Where can I find you on social media?

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Can we meet in person first?

What are the publishing steps you offer authors?

I need help with more than just one step, do you offer a combined publishing packages?

Can you help me get an ISBN for my book?

Do you help authors get into physical bookshops?

Do you print physical copies books for your authors?

Do you help authors create audiobooks?

What should I have ready before contacting you?

My manuscript files are HUGE – how can I share them?

Can I just choose the specific steps I want from your quote?

Can you help get my printed paperback published worldwide?

What are your payment terms?

What payment types do you accept?

Can you guarantee my book sales?

How can I earn a discount off my publishing quote?

I run my own publishing business – are you open to partnerships?

Can I advertise my product or service on your website?

I know an author who needs help, will you pay me a finders fee?

I am an editor/ cover designer etc – can I partner with MYeBook?

Can I book you to speak at our event?

 “…It was the best thing I have even done. They were absolutely amazing from the very first interaction and it was a seamless process. ” Wendy Richards, author of Her Mother’s Betrayal.