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My Girlfriend Has Many Cars by Brian Poulton
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How awful to have your book languishing in an obscure bookstore? How terrible to have your thoughts, ideas and stories never fully enjoy the appreciation they deserve. Worst of all? A manuscript gathering dust, remaining unpublished, untouched and forgotten. Let our team help bring your book to life. Let’s walk you to the shelves of the biggest bookstores and proudly publish your pages.Β 


β€œThe way they handled things was so professional and delicate and made sure that the product they delivered was up to my standards.”  Bongeka Mhlongo, author of Thinking in Full Colour.

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Featured Author:Β Catherine McCallum

Featured Author:Β Catherine McCallum

Over the years I have learnt to anticipate with some excitement a new release from our next author, Catherine McCallum. A skilled writer, her mastery with words are a lesson to any authors searching for a local role model. With 3 titles already released and available...

Featured Author: Jessica K. Middleton

Featured Author: Jessica K. Middleton

I remember my first Zoom call with Jessica and her mom Kim. I was struck by just how bright and bubbly this young author was; her excitement and passion for her story was easy to see. The story this first-time author has woven for readers is intricate and as a bonus...

A short guide to book fairs during October 2022

A short guide to book fairs during October 2022

October is a busy month for book fairs all around the world. Both locally and further abroad, the coming month is sure to provide many opportunities for authors, publishers and booklovers alike to share ideas, network and learn. Whether you are lucky enough to hop on...