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A frustrated author father. A boring day job. A passion for online tech. Back in 2012 I had all three…

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Fun self-publishing videos for those of you who prefer to learn on the go.

πŸ‘† BEFORE YOU SELF-PUBLISH.Β  17 Must-ask questions for first time authors.

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πŸ‘† A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW.Β Is self-publishing the right choice for you? [Part 1 of 4.]

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πŸ‘† WHY YOU NEED AN AUTHOR WEBSITE.Β  How and why an author can leverage sales of their books online.

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πŸ‘† A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW.Β Interview with Steve Reid from Zone Radio.

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Freshly-written blog articles for authors looking to win @ self-publishing

Your urgent ISBN questions answered

Your urgent ISBN questions answered

If you’ve had anything to do with books or publishing, you most likely have heard the abbreviation ISBN before. For those not yet in the know (which was all of us at one point), this blog post serves to enlighten you on all things ISBN: what they are, why you need...

A review of our year spent publishing authors

A review of our year spent publishing authors

I wanted to write an article that walked you through our 2022 milestones, including the various publishing steps we helped our authors through. Yes, I know this is a somewhat belated list but you know, load-shedding 😭 Total Authors Assisted I counted a total of 60...

2023 Bookfairs – So Far

2023 Bookfairs – So Far

[Last Updated February 3rd] Welcome to 2023! (A little late, I know...) Here are the bookfairs for the first part of the year. Want a downloadable PDF list of 2023 Bookfairs? Let’s take a look at some of the bookfairs happening this year around the world. Please note,...

A short guide to book fairs during October 2022

A short guide to book fairs during October 2022

October is a busy month for book fairs all around the world. Both locally and further abroad, the coming month is sure to provide many opportunities to share ideas, network and learn. Whether you are lucky enough to hop on a plane or will be checking out the events in your own backyard, read on for all the details.

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