about the book


Date Published: October 2, 2019

Author Location: Aranos, Namibia

Book Genre: Children’s, Child Psychology

Betty is about to start her biggest adventure yet – going to grade 1!

She is excited and cannot wait to see what big school is all about. There is one problem though… School is very far away from Betty’s home, and she has to stay at boarding school during the week.

This is a situation Betty has never faced before, and she is not sure what it will be like. Join Betty and her family on this journey of preparing for, and adjusting to, boarding school.

about the AUTHOR: Desiree Joy Visser

Desiree Visser is a wife, mother, and clinical psychologist in the south of Namibia.

Drawing on personal and professional experience, she hopes this book will assist parents and children to navigate the emotional growth required for successful adjustment to boarding school for grade 1 pupils.