about the book: Fynbos Stories

Date Published: August 20th, 2019

Author Location: Australia

Book Genre: Childrens

Psst….hello! Hush! Come closer.

Do you know about us? Do you want to see our Floral Kingdom? Do you know what we, flowers do in the day? Do you think we all sleep at night? Have you seen our magnificent Queen Barbi or King Protea or our Painted Lady? I am sure that you haven’t seen Heleo, our Ghost Frog!

Our Fynbos Kingdom is alive! We have princesses, thieves, an imposter and beautiful Blushing Brides! Shsh!
Do you want to visit us?

Open this book if you dare! warned Lady Disa in a whisper.

about the AUTHOR: Helen Coral Correia

 Helen Coral Correia is an artist, teacher, librarian and author. She has a BA (History) from the University of Cape Town and a Post-graduate Certificate in Edu-cation (PGCE) (Cum Laude) from UNISA. She has been a children’s librarian, a book reviewer and undertook her teaching practice at St Cyprian’s in Cape Town. She has exhibited her art widely and has been featured in the Australian Artist magazine.