about the book:

Been Chasing Destiny

Date Published: September 25, 2019

Author Location: Western Cape, South Africa

Book Genre: Poetry

The book is an anthology of poetry written by author Nthabiseng Moleko who tells the story about a young South African girl who is on a journey to pursuing her destiny. Far away from home in the city of Cape Town she begins to unravel how she starts to make decisions that drive her towards purpose in her first job. The book carries 7 themes, which are descriptions of drivers along the path she navigated.

Been Chasing Destiny is about the dream of a young girl for a better Africa, and her conviction that we all can contribute to its betterment. Using poetry she reflects and encourages us to use our lives to chase our destiny, in this process positively contribute towards the betterment of our national agendas. Along the journey she outlines her source of strength is God’s love, and how He set the agenda for her life. This is how she ended up chasing destiny, living in parts of the world she never imagined, doing jobs she never dreamed of. She believes she is still on the path, trusting that as she pursues destiny God will continue to put her in places she never imagined possible. If He can do it for her, surely for you too He will do it.

about the AUTHOR: Nthabiseng Moleko

Nthabiseng Moleko teaches Economics and Statistics at the Stellenbosch Business School. Moleko is currently pursuing a PhD in Development Finance. Her Phd topic is entitled: Pension Fund Reform towards the development of a national economy: a South African case study.

Prior to teaching at the Stellenbosch Business School, Moleko was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Joe Gqabi Economic Development Agency, where she was responsible for the establishment of the agency, appointment of staff, development of policies and systems in-house, lobbying and advocacy.

She is also the former Project Manager and Researcher for the Eastern Cape Socio-Economic Consultative Council. In October 2017, President Jacob Zuma appointed her full-time Commissioner at the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE).