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ISBN Application

Let’s get your baby it’s birth certificate.


Editing or proof reading is a natural starting point for any author looking to publish. An essential part of the self-publishing process, editing is where a paid-professional reads through your manuscript. The editor then makes corrections and suggestions with the goal of improving the reading experience, producing a more polished book. Every author should have their manuscript professionally edited. No excuses.


Nothing screams “amateur” more than images or illustrations in your book sourced from clipart or stolen from Google. Captivating and professional illustrations are essential for any author looking to increase engagement with readers suffering from decreased attention spans.

Cover Design

You invested months and even years into your writing. Don’t let your reader down with a shoddy cover design. The ingredients of a winning cover include ideal fonts, suited for your genre mixed together carefully with quality images that easily convey the content or message of your book. A book cover done right should foster an emotional connection to your reader, making them want to make the purchase.

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Typesetting sees your book interior get a face lift. Our gifted designers (aka Book Doctors) transform copious amounts of ☕ into a professional book interior, accepted by printers internationally. Your table of contents is populated, fonts are improved, measurements are matched to industry standards and the front and back matter of your book are shaped carefully. All our work is focused on enhancing the reading experience. The interior layout process washes your book of that amateur Microsoft Word feel,  ensuring readers cannot tell your book was self-published.

eBook Conversion

eBook conversion sees our talented team of eBook elves prepare your book to be accepted by major international eTailers such as Amazon. The digital (ePUB) format we create ensures you can more easily reach readers around the world whilst earning superior royalties to print. Our team is able to create reflowable eBook formats, fixed layout eBooks (best for children’s book or cookbooks) as well as enhanced ePUB3 eBooks featuring video or sound for an immersive reading experience. 

eBook Publishing

Struggling to find readers? Our digital distribution helps place your eBook within the world’s busiest bookstores, including Amazon. Earn up to 70% of your eBook list price from each purchase. Reach readers in almost any country around the world, including South Africa. Stay on top of your book sales, with royalty reports from Amazon being updated hourly.  For those author’s needing maximum reach, we also offer eBook access into retailers such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other stores.

Print on demand paperback

Worried about printing too many books? How about printing batches of books, only to find embarrassing spelling mistakes? The solution? Let’s help you leverage the reach and intelligence of the print on demand platform offered by Amazon.  This means you are able to have copies of your paperback printed and couriered to the reader, without needing to lift a finger. Yes, you can have your paperback book distributed to readers internationally without getting your hands dirty. Earn up to 60% of your paperbacks list price, less the cost of printing. Maximum reach, minimum cost. Hell yeah.

Design and Hosting of your author website

Let’s find and build you an online home for your new book business. This online home houses your book details, author contact information as well as welcomes new readers who might be eagerly searching for their next read. Almost every other marketing activity depends on you having a well designed website to share with others. Our website gives your visitors a professional impression of you, whilst still being easy to update for those authors who enjoy getting their hands dirty maintaining their own website. Ready to stake your claim online? 

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You made it.

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