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Local author Pam Black gives her thoughts on self-publishing.

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Understanding how to link your South African bank details within Amazon KDP

Will my edited manuscript be 100% free of errors?

Will my edited manuscript be 100% free of errors?

Professional editors are usually meticulous and detail-orientated perfectionists. They do their utmost to detect and correct all the errors in a manuscript. Their reputations and livelihoods depend on this. But what constitutes an error is subjective. A strict...

Featured Author: Bongeka Mhlongo

Featured Author: Bongeka Mhlongo

After meeting Bongeka Mhlongo virtually for the first time, her colourful & bubbly personality were obvious. It came as no shock then that her manuscript mirrored her personality. Full of quirky humour and colourful emjoi's this book demands your attention. The...

Featured Author: Marios Michaelides

Featured Author: Marios Michaelides

My initial publishing chat (where I outline the publishing process including the associated costs to produce a professional book) with first-time author Marios Michaelides had just just come to an end. Marios understandably needed some time to plan for the upcoming...