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How awful to have your book languishing in an obscure bookstore? How terrible to have your thoughts, ideas and stories never fully enjoy the appreciation they deserve. Worst of all? A manuscript gathering dust, remaining unpublished, untouched and forgotten. Let our team help bring your book to life. Let’s walk you to the shelves of the biggest bookstores and proudly publish your pages.Β 


Natasha Freeman

β€œDave and his team are top-notch, highly recommended”  Natasha Freeman, author of A Place of Meeting: The Birth of Isibindi Africa Lodges

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Getting your book published with us has never been easier.
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Visit our publishing page to view latest book packages & prices.


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Decide on the best book package or process to suit your needs.


Step 3

Submit our contact form. Include yourΒ  manuscript and your specific needs.


Step 4

Relax as we confirm your book publishing process, this includes a consultation.

MYeBook TV

Self-publishing videos for those of you who are in a hurry

πŸ‘† BEFORE YOU SELF-PUBLISH.Β  17 Must-ask questions for first time authors.

[30 min watch/ 2 β˜•]

πŸ‘† A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW.Β Is self-publishing the right choice for you? [Part 1 of 4.]

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[28 min watch/ 1.7 β˜•]

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2023 Bookfairs – So Far

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