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πŸ‘† BEFORE YOU SELF-PUBLISH.Β  17 Must-ask questions for first time authors.

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πŸ‘† A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW.Β Is self-publishing the right choice for you? [Part 1 of 4.]

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πŸ‘† WHY YOU NEED AN AUTHOR WEBSITE.Β  How and why an author can leverage sales of their books online.

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πŸ‘† A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW.Β Interview with Steve Reid from Zone Radio.

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Latest Articles

Freshly-written blog articles for authors looking to win @ self-publishing

How to apply for an ISBN in Namibia

How to apply for an ISBN in Namibia

Are you a Namibian author looking to apply for an ISBN for your new book? I know that there aren’t too many resources out there helping you understand where or how to obtain your ISBN. I wanted to point you in the right direction real quick. Who issues book ISBNs in...

Amazon KDP South Africa: 39 must-ask questions before publishing

Amazon KDP South Africa: 39 must-ask questions before publishing

Hi there reader πŸ‘‹, thanks for finding your way to my article on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).  I promise I’ll do my best to help answer your burning questions during our short time together. This article is written in response to the flood of queries...

Classifieds: Request for funding/ Film Adaptation

Classifieds: Request for funding/ Film Adaptation

Below is a request from South African author Kgaogelo Mokone for funding assistance to produce a shortfilm based on her recently published debut Novel: Death Is The Limit Download her book Advanced Information (AI) sheet for more info on her book....

2023 Bookfairs – So Far

2023 Bookfairs – So Far

[Last Updated February 3rd] Welcome to 2023! (A little late, I know...) Here are the bookfairs for the first part of the year. Want a downloadable PDF list of 2023 Bookfairs? Let’s take a look at some of the bookfairs happening this year around the world. Please note,...

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