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How I found healing through writing: Part 1

The remedy to your disease will be so unexpected, you won't realize it is medicine until you reflect to look back and see you are no longer ill. But to cure a disease you must first diagnose it because tending to symptoms only keeps you in a...

Amazon KDP now paying South African authors book royalties directly (No more posted check!)

Another year, another variant, another lockdown. Who would have thought that this year, South African indie authors would be getting an Xmas present we really wanted? Our journey to financial emancipation begins within the Amazon KDP backend, the...

Literary Lessons: Never bet your bottom Dollar

  Me: Please don’t. Eager Author: ...but it’s ok, I want to…. Me: Publishing your book is not a quick way to earn money. Authors releasing several books tend to only break even after the 5th  or 6th title. Pleeeease don’t take a loan to fund your...

How writing has improved my quality of life

How writing has improved my quality of life? On a beautiful crisp morning I am faced with this question. One I have not thought of in the past, not as in depth as I write this article. Heart pounding in my chest, as it always does when I write a...

The demise of the traditional book fair in the time of Covid

Unlike the recent Tokyo Olympics which took place despite extenuating circumstances and a cost of about $28 billion, many book fairs across the globe have not been so lucky. Some events were postponed or held digitally with hybrid models also part...

Self-publishing vs traditional, thoughts from best-selling authors

So you’ve put the final fullstop on the last sentence of your first novel. What a mammoth task that was. Now you are ready to get that masterpiece published so that your readers can experience your well-crafted creativity. Of course, you might be...

A Typesetters Plea – What Book Typesetting Is Not

What is typesetting?  In a nutshell, typesetting is the layout process of your book’s interior. Just as you need a great cover design, you need a great layout design. It is the serious author’s final ninja-blow to any competitor on the bookshelf....

Stone Circles by Marinda Rees

Stone Circles. A short story submission from Marinda Rees.Chapter I The mouth of the cave was circled in a rosy hue and framed with sparkles of rainbow colours flashing from the gift stones that were embedded in the cave roof and entrance. Lilli...

Writing for free – The art of attracting new (paying) readers by embracing free

If you’ve ever visited a farmer’s market, chances are you’ve sampled free cheese from one of their stalls. The cheesemaker is offering a sample of their work to get you interested. Are you an author that does the same? Plenty of authors buckle...

Avoiding predatory publishers – Lessons learned from the Publishing World SA Scandal

"Publishing World SA. Unprofessional" "One star is too much" "No service" These were just 3 of the headlines grabbed off the HelloPeter listing of Publishing World SA. These reviews weren’t buried in the furthest corners of the dark web either....