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Wendy Richards, author of Her Mother’s Betrayal 

Chanel & Stevo, authors of Dog to the Power of 10

Nambian author Hilma Weber, author of The Treasure Hunt

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Fun self-publishing videos for those of you who prefer to learn on the go.

👆 BEFORE YOU SELF-PUBLISH.  17 Must-ask questions for first time authors.

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👆 A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW. Is self-publishing the right choice for you? [Part 1 of 4.]

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👆 WHY YOU NEED AN AUTHOR WEBSITE.  How and why an author can leverage sales of their books online.

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👆 A SELF-PUBLISHING INTERVIEW. Interview with Steve Reid from Zone Radio.

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Latest Articles

Freshly-written blog articles for authors looking to win @ self-publishing

Let’s Talk About Our Free ISBN Service for Authors

We have been offering free ISBN applications to South African authors for a few years now. Our tally last year was well over 500 authors helped. For free. This free service ironically was provided at a cost for us, hours were invested into each batch of eager authors...

Dear Editor: How to win more editing business over email

Hey Haley* I wanted to let you know I’ve received your email from last Monday labelled “Freelance Proofreading and Editing Services Inquiry”. I really wanted to reply immediately with suggestions on how to craft a more effective introduction email, but I also didn’t...

2023 Our Publishing Year in Review

No beating around the bush, 2023 seemed to be another slow year for South African book publishing professionals all round. This is certainly reflected in our numbers when compared to the previous year. During my day-to-day chat with editors, typesetters and other...

How to apply for an ISBN in Namibia

Are you a Namibian author looking to apply for an ISBN for your new book? I know that there aren’t too many resources out there helping you understand where or how to obtain your ISBN. I wanted to point you in the right direction real quick. Who issues book ISBNs in...