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Simply Dave


Just a boy standing in front from a {insert sex here} asking you to like my channel and hit that subscribe button β™₯

As you would guess, this is just me staring longingly into the camera, attempting to impart publishing knowledge in our short time together.Β 


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  • VIDEO 1 The top 3 methods of selling books from your author website
  • VIDEO 2 Understanding how Amazon KDP pays author-royalties
  • VIDEO 3 An explanation of Kindle Unlimited for authors

The 3rd World Muse

Nothing in life should be taken too seriously. This includes publishing your book. Join the lovely (and talented…) Sonia Killik ( and the (less talented) Dave Henderson as they take a weed-wacker to the self-publishing thicket.

Spoiler warning! We swear. We do not take anything overly-seriously. Those of a very serious disposition or suffering from a fun-deficiency best avoid.

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Mia Botha & Dave


Are you looking for an information packed video series on self-publishing-related topics tailored for the curious mind? Boy have we got a treat for you!

Join the brains behind the business Deadlines for Writers Mia Botha as – together with Dave – she unpacks topics spanning the literary bookshelves.

Want to see what's inside?
  • VIDEO 1 Thoughts for those authors looking (self)publish outside of the Amazon ecosystem.
  • VIDEO 2 Β In this first video of the 4 part series we look at self-publishing as an option for authors.
  • VIDEO 3 In part two we talk about agents and copyright, including print on demand, what it is and how it benefits an author
  • VIDEO 4Β In the third part of the series we cover exactly how authors from outside the US can collect book royalties from platforms like Amazon. How authors can avoid publishing scams and managing a tight budget.
  • VIDEO 5Β In the fourth and final part of the series we cover useful resources for writers, the importance ofΒ  author platforms for your writing career, and pricing your book for the market.

maluti conversations β˜•


In this 13 part series of radio interviews (adpated for viewing on Youtube) Dave is interviewed by the radio-talent Emaurans Fourie from Maluti FM.

The interviews follows a simiar pattern where we focus on a recent publication from a local author, followed by informative educational segments that explore a wide-ranging assortment of publishing titbits for the curious author.


Want to see what's inside?

  • EPISODE #1 Emaurans & Dave venture Into The Lion’s Den
  • EPISODE #2 Remind your body with Emaurans & Dave
  • EPISODE #3 Dave and Emaurans get Down at Jika Jika Tavern
  • EPISODE #4 Finding the Passage to Faith with Emaurans and Dave
  • EPISODE #5 Exploring Blue Jellyfish Syndrome with Emaurans and Dave
  • EPISODE #6 On Their Own with Ransie and Dave
  • EPISODE #7 Understanding ISBNs for authors
  • EPISODE #8 Discussing the importance of bookstores in our digital world
  • EPISODE #9 Author marketing advice and other tips for first time authors
  • EPISODE #10 Optimising your book’s front and back matter
  • EPISODE #11 Marketing advice for South African authors
  • EPISODE #12 Amazon for (South) African authors
  • EPISODE #13 The importance of supporting your local authors