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ISBN Application

An ISBN is a 13-digit number helping retailers identify your new book within their systems or catalogues. Each country has their own organisation responsible for ISBN applications. We will gladly be able to guide South African authors through the ISBN process. Each format of your book needs its own unique ISBN number.

Apply for your ISBN here.

Manuscript Editing

Editing or proof reading is the natural starting point for any author wanting to publish. An essential and often overlooked part of the self-publishing process, editing is where a paid-professional reads your manuscript. They then make corrections and suggestions with the goal of improving the reading experience, producing a more polished book. Every author should have their words professionally edited. No excuses.

Book Art and Illustrations

Nothing screams “amateur” more than images or illustrations in your book sourced from clipart or stolen from Google. Captivating and professional illustrations are essential for any author looking to increase engagement with their readers suffering from decreased attention spans.

See our illustration portfolio?

Book Cover Design

After investing months or even years into your writing, don’t let your readers down with a shoddy cover design. Ingredients of a winning cover include unique and genre-specific font choices. Mix in a few quality images easily convey your book’s content. The resulting design should foster an emotional connection with your reader, enticing them to make the purchase.

See our cover portfolio here.

Interior Typesetting

Ready to give your book interior a facelift? During typesetting our gifted designers transform copious amounts of ☕ into a professional book interior, accepted by printers globally. Fonts are enhanced, interior margins and measurements are matched to industry standards. The layout process focuses on ensuring a smoother reading experience. A curious reader opening your book should never know it was self-published. Help your book stands out proudly amongst the competition. This interior layout is vital for an author wanting their paperback published on Amazon.

eBook Conversion

Creating Amazon-compatible eBooks is our speciality. This conversion process see our team of eBook elves expertly prepare your digital eBook edition to be accepted by major international retailers such as Amazon. Our talented team is able to create both the standard reflowable eBook format as well as the more detailed fixed-layout format (best suited for cookbooks or illustrated children’s books.) 

eBook FAQs answered here.

eBook Publishing and Distribution

Looking for readers? Our eBook publishing process secures your place within the world’s busiest bookstore, Amazon. Earn up to 70% of your eBook’s list price from each eBook sold. Expand your reach. Understand and explore your book sales-activity using Amazon’s user-friendly reporting options. Our Amazon publishing process gives the author ultimate control and flexibility to make changes or monitor book sales. Additional eBook retailers are available in our Expanded eBook Distrubtion option.

Print on Demand Paperback

Worried about wasting paper? What about finding embarrassing mistakes after the book is already published? The solution? Let’s help you leverage the intelligence, power & reach of the print on demand paperback platform offered by Amazon.  Your freshly-printed paperback will now be both printed & shipped to readers without you lifting a finger. Reach across borders without getting your hands dirty. Earn up to 60% of your paperback list price, less the cost of printing. Maximum reach with minimum effort. Hell yeah.

Professional Author Websites

Let’s build you an online home for your new book business. An author website showcases your book info, author info as well as welcoming new readers who are eagerly searching for their next read. Almost every other marketing activity will benefit from you having a professionally designed website. Your website should give visitors a professional impression of both you and your book. It should also be easy to update for those authors who enjoy getting their hands dirty. Ready to stake your claim online? 

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