Publishing a book on Amazon KDP can be a difficult task for some. Made even harder for those of you who are publishing on KDP from South Africa. To reiterate, entering your South African banking details into Amazon KDP is possible for authors from South Africa.

How to load your South African banking details into Amazon KDP?

  1. First create your account with Amazon KDP
  2. Enter your South African banking account info into the KDP account setup.
    • Make sure your KDP account name matches your “Banking Account Holder” name.
    • When asked for BSB – simply enter your bank branch number.
  3. You should see a screen similar to the one below, once done 👇

Watch me do it on YouTube here.

2024 South Africa SARB Notice
You should see something similar once entering your banking information into Amazon KDP

What is a Purpose of Payment?

The circled section above has confused many authors (as seen from the comments on my article on the topic of entering SA banking details with Amazon KDP.)

The Purpose of Payments / Reason for Transfer is simply referring to a yearly form received via email from the South African Reserve Bank that would want to know why you are needing to receive funds from outside of the country. I received my email from on the 2nd January 2024 containing the link to an online for with 5 simple steps to complete.

Sent By:  Bidvest Bank <>

Email Subject: South African Reserve Bank Reporting Exchange4Free Mandate


Dear David

We are reaching out to kindly remind you to sign your South African Reserve Bank (“SARB”) reporting mandate to continue receiving international payments for 2024. The SARB requires you to sign a mandate every year to continue receiving international payments…

Yearly mandate emailed to authors from the SARB
Yearly mandate emailed to KDP authors from the SARB

If you have recently signed up to collect royalties from Amazon KDP – Keep an eye out for something similar in your inbox. If you have not yet received an email like one shown below, I think it may only be triggered once Amazon tries to actually action a payment to your account. In other words, you may need to wait a little while until Amazon tries to pay you.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the email with you, as I know how confusing this may seem. For any other queries involving Amazon KDP South Africa, I recommend reading this article on the topic.

Let me know me if I helped you?