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Welcome the to new and improved MYeBook platform! I am super excited you found us!

For almost a decade myself and the MYeBook team have guided more than 400 authors through their self-publishing journey. From editing words through to creating and publishing both paperback and eBook editions. We are the trusted, professional publishing services that suite the serious author.

Don’t be disappointed by partnering with a bad apple. Or scammed by a fly-by-night freelancer who stops taking your calls. Relax whilst our team gets your book prepared, polished and then published. Your book deserves our 5-star service. 

See you on the shelves.

Dave Henderson

Author Cheer Leader & Coffee addict

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Your one-stop publishing platform. Don’t waste time trying to find, vet and assemble your own team.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Publishing Services

I am new to publishing, can we first chat?

I would love to chat with you. No strings attached. Submit a contact form from our website that will prompt you for some important info we need. Then either myself or one of our team will reach out to better understand and recommend a publishing process or package that works for you 📞🤓

Are you a traditional publisher?

No. We are not a traditional publisher. We are a small business that is passionate about guiding you through the publishing process. Also known as self-publishing. We take no commission from your sales. We do not lock you into a restrictive contract. We simply quote upfront for the publishing help you need. 

What makes you different from other guys?

We really do love holding an author’s hand and guiding them through the publishing process. From beginning to end, no matter your book genre or writing level. After 10 years spent guiding almost more than 400 authors, we understand your book-needs.

Oh, we also have an adorable author-mascot that the other guys don’t have 🐶

Will you accept my manuscript?

Of course we will. Our professional publishing services have been designed to help every serious author. We are not gatekeepers. Our job is getting you published.

What do your publishing services cost?

We have shaped our services into 5 different packages consisting of several steps. These packages promise an author the most help at the best value. Our packages start from as little as R5700 to get an existing (fiction) title published into Amazon as an eBook edition. Our most popular author package starts from R18 900 for both the paperback and eBook edition to be created and then published online. 

Any contracts, setup or hidden or ongoing fees?

No contact needs to be signed as we won’t  make any money off your book sales. All royalties earned go directly to you and only you. Once your book has been polished, prepared and published you will earn 100% of the book-royalties paid from stores like Amazon. Our costs are all upfront and once-off. No hidden or recurring fees. Pinky-promise.

Will I own my copyright?

You keep all copyright. We simply assist you through the self-publishing process. You retain final control. Any cover or book-interiors we craft, the final designs and documents are fully owned by you.

What types of payments do you accept?

We can accept payment via EFT. Via most credit cards as well as PayPal.

Do I need to pay fully upfront?

Nope. Your publishing slot is booked with just a 60% deposit of the quoted total.

Can we visit your offices?

Our coffee machine is always switched on and ready to welcome new authors through the door. We are based on the Cape Town CBD. If you are outside the province or outside of South Africa, let’s share coffee over Zoom instead?☕

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