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Welcome the to new and improved MYeBook platform! As I mention in the video linked above (you did watch it didn’t you?) I am really excited you found your way to our website.

For the past several years we have had the pleasure of providing authors a friendly hand through their self-publishing journey.  We have helped 100s of authors from around the world realise their dream of getting their 1st book published. From editing through publishing. Every single daunting step, we are there to provide a friendly face, advice and the expertise needed to to get your message prepared, polished and then published to the world.

With the almost unlimited access to readers that the self-publishing experience unlocks, you want to partner with the right people to ensure your book promises the best reading experience possible. Set yourself up for success, partner with us and prepare to be discovered.


Dave Henderson

Author Cheer Leader & Coffee addict


Taking your first steps

The team at MYeBook offers authors the tools, advice and expertise needed to get their books from draft to published without wasting your most precious resource. Time. We offer tailored publishing packages aimed at those authors looking to get their eBooks and paperbacks into as many hands as possible.  Aside from complete publishing packages we also offer authors a menu of single-serve steps if you just needed a cover, or an Amazon eBook for example. Here are a few bullet points to highlighting why partnering with us would be the best investment you could make.

  • WE WILL NEVER REJECT YOU. No author is left behind.
  • EARN MAXIMUM ROYALTIES. No commissions will be taken by us from your hard-earned royalties. We work on upfront investments, no hidden fees.
  • NO CONTRACTS WILL NEED TO BE SIGNED. Our self-publishing offerings are transparent with upfront costs. We want you published, not the blood from your first-born.
  • WE ♥ LEVERAGE. The local dusty bookstore has its place however we do believe that every book should have a home online too. Whether on Amazon or even just your own professional website. Distributing digitally will earn you maximum exposure.
  • ANY AUTHOR, ANYWHERE. We help authors from around the world. We are always available to share friendly advice or answers to questions that every first-time author has. Yes, this will mean sharing a coffee in person is not always possible. (Skype?)
  • SHORT TURNAROUND TIMES. Don’t wait months or even years for a reply from your favorite Penguin. Leapfrog the long timelines associated with traditional publishing. Bury the Hatchette, give us a call today.
  • YOUR BABY BELONGS TO YOU. You own what we create. We promise, you no scammy Author Solutions are sold hereWhether it is the book we help you create or the illustrations we bring to life, the polished files are all yours. No fighting over ownership.

Get Published

A decision & your document


You have watched and read through my welcome. Check.

Read and understood the benefits of partnering with us. Check.

So what next for the author looking to get their writing into the hands of new readers?

 Know the publishing steps you need our help through. We do try and break the publishing journey down into various steps as clearly as possible within our services and pricing pages. Knowing where you would like your book to be published, means we are able to give you the exact advice & process you need.

Share your document with us. Part of the benefit of partnering with us is the access you gain to years of experience within the publishing industry. Why would you not want to benefit from our advice on how to make the best book possible? Whilst some steps do have fixed cost, others are determined by your documents length and layout. Sharing your document with us ensures our advice is as helpful as possible.


Holdup, why are you still scrolling?

Ok, we get it. You want to be sure you are partnering with the right team? Perhaps you have been messed around by an unscrupulous vanity publisher or unreliable freelancer. Here is some feedback from some of our community of authors who had the same (understandable) fears as you might have. Any fears or concerns you might still have after watching these short bits of feedback, write them down. We will walk you through each question or fear one at a time 🙂