Commonly Asked Questions on Creating and Publishing eBooks

eBook frequently asked questions

Have questions about what an eBook is – where you can sell it from – or how it will benefit you? This is the page for you. Written to help explain the technology and how it practically affects an author.

What is an eBook?

Is a PDF an eBook?

Is publishing an eBook worth it?

What different types of eBooks are there?

Will my eBook look exactly like the printed version?

What is the best eBook format for a children’s book?

Where can I sell my eBook?

Where is the best place to publish my eBook?

Are there any South African eBook shops?

How much does it cost to publish an eBook?

Can I publish my eBook on multiple platforms?

Can I sell my eBook on Amazon and my website?

How do I sell an eBook from my website?

Can you print an eBook?

Do you need an ISBN for an eBook?

How do I get an ISBN in South Africa?

How do authors outside the U.S. get paid by eBook retailers?

How can I preview an eBook from my laptop or computer?

Which eBook reader app do you recommend?

What is the difference between Amazon and Kindle?

How can I manually transfer an eBook file to my device? (side-loading)

Can an eBook accept reader input?

Is an eBook piracy-proof?

What is DRM protection for eBooks?

What is Print on Demand technology?

What book trim sizes will the Amazon print on demand platform support?

What is an optimised or ePDF?

Fancy a Helpful Video or Two?

How an author can sell books from their website
Explaining how an author gets paid by Amazon
What is the Kindle Unlimited (KU) program?

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