No beating around the bush, 2023 seemed to be another slow year for South African book publishing professionals all round. This is certainly reflected in our numbers when compared to the previous year. During my day-to-day chat with editors, typesetters and other people in the book publishing trade, most confirm the reality of the local South African author’s purse strings being tightened.

Let’s dive deeper into the numbers.

47 New authors were helped during 2023, in total.

Where Our Authors Were From

  1. South Africa = 38
  2. Namibia = 2
  3. United States = 2
  4. Canada = 2
  5. England = 1
  6. Lebanon = 1
  7. Botswana = 1

South African ISBN Applications Processed

583 Authors were issued with new book ISBNs using our online application process.

Manuscripts Edited

17 Manuscripts edited in total

2 Book sales blurbs crafted

1 Manuscript assessment report delivered

Illustrations For Book Cover or Interior Artwork

31 Unique and captivating illustrations created for book covers or the interior pages.

See our book illustration portfolio here.

Book Cover Design

22 Book new and unique covers designed. (Including both eBook and print-ready covers)

See our cover portfolio here.

Layout for Print (aka Typesetting)

27 Books professionally prepared for the printers.

Conversion To eBook Formats

30 Books converted to eBook formats, in total. These were a mix of reflowable and fixed-layout ePUB eBook formats.

1 Optimized PDF or ePDF conversion carried out.

Books Published Online

30 eBooks published online via the Amazon KDP platform.

25 Paperbacks published via Amazon KDP (Print on Demand.)

2 eBooks published into other leading online retailers such as Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble etc

WordPress Author websites

2 New author websites designed.

9 Author websites are hosted with us in total, each year.

See our author WordPress website portfolio here.

20 000 Online visitors to our MYeBook website during 2023.

2023 MYeBook Website Visitors

Our YouTube channel garnered just under 9400 views in 2023 with an extra 118 people subscribing to our videos helping authors overcome publishing angst.

2023 YouTube Video Stats