I have had the pleasure of guiding the author Bene Lu (pen name) through the self-publishing process twice over the last few years. A talented local writer and author of multiple books who writes outside of working hours to help her readers find answers to some of life’s deeper questions.

Let’s find out more about the author, from the author.

Your author name

Bene Lu (acronym made up of the 1st two letters of those I have loved and lost)

Your book title

The Art of Learning Anew

Give us the elevator pitch for your book

It all begins and ends with me! What we consume determines how we grow, how we move forward and how we handle our encounters in life.

It is time to relearn what we have always known but failed or were reluctant to internalise and apply. This book signals that the time has come to go back to basics, learn anew what we already know and, importantly, apply that which we now know and understand, for the betterment of self and those who surround us.

Let us learn from the past, live for the present and dream for tomorrow because ultimately it all begins and ends with me!

How long did it take for you to finish the final draft of your book?

I am sure in my previous life I was a pit bull. Once I grab hold, I never lose grip :)) So, when I decide to write, I already have a clear idea of the subject matter, design and concept of the book and its cover then I live, breath, sleep and eat the book. The entire book process took about 5 months from start to finish and it has turned out to be my best work yet.

What makes this book different from others on the shelf?

It is unique in its format and its cover design. It is written in a very simplistic style that accommodates every person whether eloquent in English or not. The chapters are interspersed with poetry and there pages left open for the reader to jot down his/ her thoughts. The chapters are bite sized so one can consume them anytime and anywhere.

What was the hardest part of the writing journey for you?

The hardest part for me has always been in marketing and promoting the book. Writing is easy…promotion and marketing is a beast I am still learning to fight.

  • MYeBook has been my compass in turning my book to an e book.
  • Boutique Books has been my guiding light in the process of publishing the book.

Your favourite place to write?

I write best in my pj’s in my bed (horrible habit but the only one that allows my creative juices to flow). Fun fact: I still use pen and paper to write then transfer all the information onto a laptop. Tedious but I prefer it this way

What kept you motivated to write during the times you felt stuck?

Thank heavens that I have not yet experienced such.

Tell us something about yourself that readers would not be able to guess?

I am a dentist in the South African Military Health Services and, not only that, but a Forensic dentist specialist.

Have you written any other books?

Yes I have.

  1. It is what it is-Thoughts in prose and poetry
  2. Shadow-How the shadow got its name (children’s illustrated book)
  3. Finding the path back to self- Meditation Handbook

Assuming you may not write full time, what is your day job?

I hold a senior management position within the military health services.

How should someone get in touch with you?