I remember my first Zoom call with Jessica and her mom Kim. I was struck by just how bright and bubbly this young author was; her excitement and passion for her story was easy to see. The story this first-time author has woven for readers is intricate and as a bonus is decorated with artwork handdrawn by the author herself! Sit back, relax, and allow me to welcome you into the faraway land of Avaitopia…

Your author name

Jessica K. Middleton

Your book title

Heroes Rise:  Kingdoms Restored

Give us the elevator pitch for your book?

In the faraway kingdom of Avaitopia on Planet Zolderon, peace is disrupted. Princess Laura’s evil and conniving uncle, Loren, joins forces with the ferocious giant rat-like grodents to overthrow her father, King John, and seize power. There is no time to waste. The kingdom’s security and tranquil way of life are under threat. Lives are at stake.

The intrepid princess and her band of loyal followers’ journey to the Crystal Mountain where the Great Fox guards the Power Crystal, source of life on Planet Zolderon. The perilous quest to save Avaitopia is fraught with setbacks. Danger lurks in unexpected places. It’s up to Laura to put things right – even if it means facing a particularly obnoxious and oversized cat, deadly vipers and malevolent raptors along the way.

Who was the book written for?

The book is written for 8–10 year olds, as well as any other keen reader of any age.

How long did it take for you to finish the final draft of your book?

My book began in 2009 – approximately 13 years ago!  You can’t rush a good book.

What makes this book different from others on the shelf?

The book has special hand drawn illustrations done by the author herself.  The book is full of adventure and intrigue and wants to convey the message of never giving up and believing in yourself.

What was the hardest part of the writing journey for you?

Writing the last chapter of the book and being patient and waiting.

Your favourite place to write?

On my old desk in my bedroom which was given to me by my great-grandmother.

What kept you motivated to write during the times you felt stuck?

I read, walked and brainstormed with my friend.

Tell us something about yourself that readers would not be able to guess?

I love listening to music and I am a very big book worm – I love to read.  I do a wordsearch every day and I also love slithery creatures and creepy crawlys much to my mom’s horror.  

Have you written any other books?


Assuming you may not write full time, what is your day job?

At the moment I do not have a job and am finishing my high school diploma.

How should someone get in touch with you?

Someone can get in touch with me through my email address: