I cannot think of a more important, yet underappreciated role than that of a Stepdad. Our next author has put pen to paper in tribute to those silent father figures, who roll up their sleeves, bravely stepping forward. Using real-life examples, the book takes an authentic look at the core attributes shown by these superheroes.

Your author name

Komane Lamola

Your book title

STEPDADS: 7 Chapters, 6 Men and the Valuable Lessons on Fatherhood They Inspired

Give us the elevator pitch for your book?

It’s some sort of preparation tool, to aid in a small way those who might date or want to marry people with children. What to prepare for, what is likely to occur and how the past has a way of shaping the present and ultimately the future.

The book is an honest attempt to help prepare a new Stepdad for what is to come.

What would you give as your main reason or goal for writing?

To be honest, I was blown away at the ease of how my friends effortlessly dated and married women with children without any concern and were even flat out blasé about it. While I wrestled with that idea greatly with little interest of wanting to then and I suspect that might have contributed to why things ended with my ex-girlfriend.

Who was the book written for?

I have two ideal readers in mind; one any man who wishes to date with marriage as an end goal to a woman with children, and secondly any woman with or without children to know how they are perceived, likely to deal with men who have pressing questions and aren’t scared to show their value and reveal their cards.   

How long did it take for you to finish the final draft of your book?

From pen to paper, I would say four months.

What makes this book different from others on the shelf?

None of them have me as an Author, and secondly to be honest I haven’t read any books covering this topic (surely there might be, since there’s nothing new under the sun). To the authors who came before me, deepest gratitude for tilling the ground for me and others. 

What was the hardest part of the writing journey for you?

Since two things can be correct at the same time, it was keeping my ego in check particularly dealing with folks who knew better than I did advising me on changes to make etc; and allowing myself to have a teachable spirit.  Gratitude moment no doubt.

Your favourite place to write?

Anywhere where my mother is at, that’s my Etihad Stadium or Chase Center.

What kept you motivated to write during the times you felt stuck?

The forever gnawing feeling that I could be more if I applied myself and John Lennon’s quote as a kid about wanting to be ‘Happy’.

Tell us something about yourself that readers would not be able to guess?

I am just a soul whose intentions are good…(I know, I know its Nina Simone) , that I used to play basketball with Provincial colours before my metabolism started betraying me.

Have you written any other books?

Not as yet.

Assuming you may not write full time, what is your day job?

Keeping South Africa great, one learner at a time as a facilitator and speaker. I want to do more still.

How should someone get in touch with you?

or even my LinkedIn page Komane Lamola