Below is a request from South African author Kgaogelo Mokone for funding assistance to produce a shortfilm based on her recently published debut Novel: Death Is The Limit

Download her book Advanced Information (AI) sheet for more info on her book.

Kgaogelo Aggrey Mokone author of the book called Death is the limit published 12 September 2023 selling on Amazon.  I’m looking for a short film producer or anyone that can invest in converting the book (Death is the limit) to a short film. 

Genre of this book is a fiction but the geographical area that takes place in the story is real.  The book is about a rural girl that started singing and writing music since Primary school.  Her parents wanted her to be a teacher one day but she always wanted to be a musician.  Until one day a man approach her and offer a recording deal with benefits included.  It was the first door opening to her music career without her parents knowing that she signed a recording deal. 

After writing the book, I read the story couple of times and find that it can make a nice short film.  I found the story to be a most attractive and immersive story, very well written, with an intriguing emphasis on unpredicted events.  I was able to frame a cast of characters that builds and sustain the story, through a very well-conceived and developed plot.  It is also about communal living, love, friendship, betrayal, and music. 

The writing style is also unique, and believes it will be easy to convert the book to a short film script.  The book was also rated 4 out 5 stars on Anyone interested to review the book, feel free to request via e-mail on or call 076 220 6666 and I will forward a PDF version of the book.

Who you are?

My full Government names are Kgaogelo Aggrey Mokone.  I was born in the rural area called Makometsane in the Mpumalanga Province.  I went to school in the same village at Moutse Primary School and Malebo High School.  After matric registered at Denver Technical College in Pretoria to study Management Assistant but dropped out due to financial difficulties.  Then find a job in the South African Police Services at Pretoria Central SAPS, subcomponent of Negative Discipline.  In 2011 was transferred to Loss Management subcomponent to give more work force.  In 2020 was promoted to Honeydew SAPS subcomponent of Loss Management.  During the covid I started writing songs, and short stories. I published one short story with MYeBook called Death is the limit.  I am not a singer but love music and the skill of writing music lyrics can be confirmed in the book Death is the limit.  The book has one-verse lyrics, half lyrics and full lyrics.  To include lyrics in the book was to give the readers a picture of main character and how she was gifted when it comes to music. 

What exactly do you need?

Since I don’t have funding, I need a short film producer that can invest in converting the book to a short film or anyone interested to invest in a short films. 

How much do you think you might need?

I am not familiar with short films production but believe it will cost a lot.  It has lot of characters, lot of places where the story is staged and big fat life living.  In order to perfect the short film, you will need a big budget.

Is this an investment or loan?


What makes you the right person to investment?

I always research before doing things and put efforts to make it work.  The book is not selling as much as I thought it would sell on Amazon.  I made efforts to market and sell PDF; the method is working very well.  I came with an idea of recruiting people that will sell the PDF to their friends, their friends sell to their friends, and they make profit at the end of the day.

What makes this story the right story to invest in?

It empowers women; the main character is a young girl.  Is a story of African life, African dream, and motivate people to cling on their dreams.

Are there other stories or examples of book like yours that has worked as movies?

George RR Martin made it with “A Game of Thrones”, I never read the book but watched episode 1 – 8 and loved it.  Death Is the Limit is a unique book, the story is well written in a way that you can even build an image of a short film in your mind.