A very warm welcome for our next author, Richard Coleshaw. Richard is a talented South African writer that recently published his 2nd title both as a paperback as well as a digital eBook on Amazon.

Your author name

Richard Coleshaw

Your book title

The Wild Rover

Give us the elevator pitch for your book?

My love of Africa’s magnificent wild animals and a look at their often intriguing ways of life.

What would you give as your main reason or goal for writing?

To share some of my experiences in the African bush. And to write about some of the things I have done and some that I wish I had done. And some of the people I met and some I wish I had met.

Who was the book written for?

Anyone who shares my love of wildlife.

How long did it take for you to finish the final draft of your book?

About 30 years!!

What makes this book different from others on the shelf?

Probably the real-life experiences I had during my times in the bush.

What was the hardest part of the writing journey for you?

Nothing hard about writing the book – I enjoyed it. Just my doubts as to whether it would be of interest to anyone else.

Your favourite place to write?

I don’t have a favourite place. Anywhere when the mood takes me.

What kept you motivated to write during the times you felt stuck?

I guess the despair I felt witnessing the steady destruction of so many species in my lifetime. And the probably futile wish to do something about it.

Tell us something about yourself that readers would not be able to guess?

Very little to tell. I’m a simple sort of guy.

Have you written any other books?

Yes – It Will Never Happen To Us – with my wife. An account of a motor-cycle accident that left my wife an amputee. And all that such a life-changing experience brings with it.

Assuming you may not write full time, what is your day job?

I’m retired.

How should someone get in touch with you?