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Join entrepreneur, mentor and first-time author Steve Reid as he interviews Dave Henderson, the founder of the self-publishing business: MYeBook

Steve Reid, together with Zone Radio host Richard Griggs quiz Dave as to the lessons learnt from a decade spent helping almost 400 authors create and then publish their books.

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Reasons to watch the interview

  • How running an online publishing business in tough South African climate can be made easier
  • Importance of getting new leads to trust you by using an organic marketing strategy
  • Successes and setbacks of running a business that services so many authors
  • Benefits of an author outsourcing their weakness
  • Why self-publishing gets such a bad wrap
  • How much self-publishing assistance can cost –
  • Why first defining your reason for writing your book matters so much to the rest of the publishing process.

Further Reading

The interview was initially broadcast over online radio station Zone Radio on 12 April 2022. It can be found on the Zone Radio website right over here =

PS. Here was the original article by Steve Reid that inspired this recorded interview =